- First Session -

Theme: Choose Wisely

Date: July 9-15

Theme verse:

My name is David Gustafson, the Director of First Session and I have been involved with Silver Maple camp for over 20 years.  I have been a counselor, Co- Director, and Board Member. Our theme for first session 2023 will be “Choose Wisely”. Life is all about making choices and when you choose God it can make other choices easier. We will be teaching biblical examples of both good choices and the benefits of those choices, along with unwise choices and their consequences. First session is geared for ages 9-13 and provides a fun, Christ centered week full of activities your child will enjoy. Some of those activities include team sports, individual sports tournaments, exciting crafts, fishing, and swimming. We also praise God thru our daily sing-spiration, Bible classes, campfire devotionals and evening worship time. I am blessed with having great counselors and they along with myself are looking forward to seeing your child at camp this summer.